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2012-01-15 12:40 am

Video : The Gates - "Little Girl Lost"


Watch this clip from The Gates #1.10 "Little Girl Lost", and see if you can figure out the familiar faces...and where else you might have seen them.
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2012-01-10 08:35 pm

Gloria Votsis Photo of the Day : 'Karen Clarke'

From  "Sedgewick's" episode of ABC series, "Six Degrees" (aired in 27 April, 2007). Gloria Votsis as 'Karen Clarke'.

Gloria Votsis as Karen Clarke
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2012-01-06 12:45 am
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Gloria Votsis Photo of the Day : 'Claire' from TRAIN.

Photo from the 2009 slasher movie, "TRAIN". Gloria Votsis with Derek Magyar and Kavan Reece.

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2012-01-02 10:49 pm

Fan Video : "Somewhere Down The Road"

 Another NeAlex fan video I made ([personal profile] icyjadexoxo /[personal profile] sectioneightentertainment ) eight months ago.

TITLE : "Somewhere Down The Road"

STARRING : Gloria Votsis as Alex Hunter and Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey

MUSIC : "Somewhere Down The Road" (as performed by NINA)

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2012-01-02 10:25 pm

Fan Video : "We Could Be In Love"

 ICYMI...NeAlex fanvid I created ([personal profile] icyjadexoxo /[personal profile] sectioneightentertainment ) 8 months ago...

TITLE : "We Could Be In Love"

STARRING : Gloria Votsis as Alex Hunter AND Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey

MUSIC : "We Could Be In Love" by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga

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2012-01-02 09:46 pm

Gloria Votsis in Suburgatory "The Nutcracker" Promo Photos...

Here are some promo photos of Gloria Votsis as 'Zoe' in Suburgatory "The Nutcracker".